Overcome Burnout on the Way to Reaching Your Goals

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Overcome Burnout on the Way to Reaching Your Goals

It is hard to believe we have just past the 50% mark for 2016. How does that make you feel?

Are you headed towards the finish line, surpassing the milestones you set for yourself? Or are you starting to lose what my colleague Allison Maslan calls your mojo? Are you running into the mid-year lag? Need a boost? You’re not alone. Let’s see what we can do to change this dynamic. Let’s all finish strong together.

The first step I’m going to encourage you to do is write down all that you have achieved since the beginning of the year. I promise you will be astounded at everything you have accomplished, on your own, and collectively with the support of others.

To gain the original fire you had when setting your resolutions the first part of January, I suggest building in some time to rejuvenate yourself. While this may seem … Click to read more...

Mortgage Professionals: This Surprisingly Simple Exercise Will Help Align What You Sell With Customer Desires, and Get You More Sales

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Mortgage Professionals: This Surprisingly Simple Exercise Will Help Align What You Sell With Customer Desires, and Get You More Sales

“Closing is what you do WITH the prospect, not something you do TO the prospect.” I wish I could take credit for this astute quote. I actually heard it at a sales conference hosted by Mountain West Financial a few months back. The speaker was Bryan Flanagan who serves as Zig Ziglar’s VP of sales.

So what does this quote really mean and how does it affect our interactions with a potential client? In a nutshell we can’t expect a commitment that eventually advances through the process of closing unless we are on the same page with the prospect. If our deliverables are not in alignment, they will simply tune us out. To drive home this concept Bryan had the audience conduct a short exercise.

I have restructured this activity just a bit to adjust for the written format version.

To begin with, indicate the three products/services you provide to … Click to read more...

Six Simple Questions Guaranteed to Convert Prospects Into Clients Faster

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Six Simple Questions Guaranteed to Convert Prospects Into Clients Faster

The Inside Track for Mortgage Professionals by Cindy Douglas

Have you ever had a meeting that seemed so awesome you knew you had nailed it? Then for some unknown reason your calls were left unreturned only to be lost in the world of voicemail/email abyss? Sadly the main reason this happens is sales people often talk them selves right out of the sale. To ensure this does not happen it is important to understand the power of utilizing one’s listening skills.

Regardless of the business model, the transitioning of taking someone from prospect stage to engaged client status takes finesse and artistry. I had witnessed my mentor Patricia Drain who works with many high level business owners accomplish this task with mastery time and time again.

Although I had a track record, as a loan originator, of converting 90% of my borrowers, the percentage was definitely lower AND the cycle … Click to read more...

CFPB Survey Indicates Only 33% of Borrowers Are Rate Shoppers

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A little while ago the CFPB published a survey entitled “Consumers’ Mortgage Shopping Experience.” I was going to write a commentary immediately following, but decided to take some time to digest the information. I have to admit it came as a surprise that those surveyed indicated only 33% felt the need to shop with multiple lenders AND when they did the predominate reason was they had been denied previously. 

Applicants that are comfortable with the loan process and/or have been through it before are more likely to be rate shoppers. First-time buyers are less likely.  Twenty percent of the 15,000 surveyed reported using the Internet as a source of information “a lot.” Personally I expected this percentage to be higher ~ how about you?

70% of the people polled relied solely on their lender / mortgage broker for information the other 30% depended upon their real estate agents. The survey Click to read more...

2015 Business Plan – Do You Have One?

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I hope 2015 is starting out like gang busters for you. Certainly the reduction in MIP for FHA loans is a great start. While the national statistics are 10% there are many areas of the country that the percentile is higher.

Relying on pleasant surprises however isn’t what’s going to set your production numbers ahead of the pack. If you have not already done so it is time to map out your 2015 game plan.

Creating a blueprint that provides clarity and direction goes a long way in removing the “how am I going to get there?” guesswork. It also promotes focus and more importantly behavior that is congruent with how you envision your professional and personal life.

Regardless of whether you prefer a strict or flexible time block, success does not happen without a plan. It does not matter if you are able to take the ball and run Click to read more...

Managing New Year Resolutions – 5 Traits That Make A Positive Difference

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Happy New Year! I received this article from Dan Coughlin this morning and felt the topic very apropos for this time of year. Often in our quest for meeting our initial New Year’s resolutions we beat ourselves up; if we perceive we come in short of our goal and/or delivery.

Dan addresses the 5 traits that make a positive difference:

  1. “Maintain the desire to make a positive difference”~ Combat negativity by surrounding yourself with positive relationships. This will produce amazing experiences and impact.
  2. “Develop a strong sense of personal dignity” ~ Make choices that honor your values.
  3. “Stay optimistic in good and bad times” ~ Folks who look forward have a higher chance of achieving their goals than those that look back
  4. “Cross the bridge from intention to action”~ WOW How true is this?
  5. “Make learning a part of your everyday existence”~ Every top producer I work with incorporates this

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