Managing New Year Resolutions – 5 Traits That Make A Positive Difference

January 6th, 2015   •   no comments   

Happy New Year! I received this article from Dan Coughlin this morning and felt the topic very apropos for this time of year. Often in our quest for meeting our initial New Year’s resolutions we beat ourselves up; if we perceive we come in short of our goal and/or delivery.

Dan addresses the 5 traits that make a positive difference:

  1. “Maintain the desire to make a positive difference”~ Combat negativity by surrounding yourself with positive relationships. This will produce amazing experiences and impact.
  2. “Develop a strong sense of personal dignity” ~ Make choices that honor your values.
  3. “Stay optimistic in good and bad times” ~ Folks who look forward have a higher chance of achieving their goals than those that look back
  4. “Cross the bridge from intention to action”~ WOW How true is this?
  5. “Make learning a part of your everyday existence”~ Every top producer I work with incorporates this discipline.

“A positive attitude is contagious – don’t wait to catch it from others, be a carrier” Tom Stoppard

The 5 traits are direct quotes from the article ~ the comments next to them are mine

Have a fantastic day! Wishing you a prosperous and blessed 2015.

To read Dan Coughlin’s article in its entirety and original format click here.