2015 Business Plan – Do You Have One?

January 9th, 2015   •   no comments   

I hope 2015 is starting out like gang busters for you. Certainly the reduction in MIP for FHA loans is a great start. While the national statistics are 10% there are many areas of the country that the percentile is higher.

Relying on pleasant surprises however isn’t what’s going to set your production numbers ahead of the pack. If you have not already done so it is time to map out your 2015 game plan.

Creating a blueprint that provides clarity and direction goes a long way in removing the “how am I going to get there?” guesswork. It also promotes focus and more importantly behavior that is congruent with how you envision your professional and personal life.

Regardless of whether you prefer a strict or flexible time block, success does not happen without a plan. It does not matter if you are able to take the ball and run with it on your own or if you prefer to have support along the way. What matters most is that you take action. Remember someday is not a day of the week.

If you need some help in this arena, I am happy to schedule a 30 minute Laser Call with you. Simply send me an email with some tentative dates and times ~ I will get you on the calendar right away. Together we’ll drill down on the areas that create the greatest achievement when executed with discipline.

Have a fantastic Thursday! Wishing you a prosperous and blessed 2015.