Overcome Burnout on the Way to Reaching Your Goals

August 5th, 2016   •   no comments   
Overcome Burnout on the Way to Reaching Your Goals

It is hard to believe we have just past the 50% mark for 2016. How does that make you feel?

Are you headed towards the finish line, surpassing the milestones you set for yourself? Or are you starting to lose what my colleague Allison Maslan calls your mojo? Are you running into the mid-year lag? Need a boost? You’re not alone. Let’s see what we can do to change this dynamic. Let’s all finish strong together.

The first step I’m going to encourage you to do is write down all that you have achieved since the beginning of the year. I promise you will be astounded at everything you have accomplished, on your own, and collectively with the support of others.

To gain the original fire you had when setting your resolutions the first part of January, I suggest building in some time to rejuvenate yourself. While this may seem counterintuitive, when you’re already scrambling for time, it will actually clear your head. This will make you more focused and productive. Take a 15–30 minute walk. Take the time to listen to an inspirational audio or video. Play music that makes you move–literally. Dancing is a great way to rev yourself up.

Sure there will be days that are hard, days that feel like nothing is working, motivation is at a low point. This is the time when sincere commitment is needed. It takes real fortitude to do the things that you said you would do, long after the first-of-the-year frame of mind you were in has disappeared. So stay focused, stay disciplined.

Playing the blame game will not deliver you the future you have envisioned. It is not the stuff that happens to us that stops us in our tracks. Rather it is what we do about the “stuff” that tends to sideline us. Jim Rohn says “Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better.”

Here are some tips that will help keep  you from burning out while working towards your goals:

  1. Learn when to say “Yes” and when to say “No.” Does your participation help or detract from where you are headed?
  2. Create a priority list based on the impact the task has on your business. Select the number-one choice to focus on.
  3. Batch completion is very effective to maximizing capacity. Office visits, chores, research are some examples that fit into this category.
  4. Time-block your calendar for non-negotiable events (personal and professional) preparation days, big picture activities, and play days. These could be the same days a week or have a different flow week to week. What’s important is not sacrificing in any one area or you will deplete your energy reserve.

Remember there are still many more months of the year left. Think of it like running a marathon. You don’t want to run, and then slow down right before crossing the finish line. Burnout is the silent killer of your dreams.